Welfare of Dogs Code of Practice – Flashcards and Quizzes

Welfare of Dogs Code of Practice – Flashcards and Quizzes

Despite legislation being passed in 2006, interest in animal welfare is not a modern phenomenon, and it has always brought challenges relating to the best ways to provide for an animal’s environment, health, well-being, diet, companionship, exercise and other needs.

If you live and / or work with dogs, it is recommended that you know and follow the guidelines in the Animal Welfare Act 2006 to help you to provide the very best care to the dogs in your care.

This course provides essential information on legislation in an easily digestible flashcard format that can be accessed on your mobile, tablet or PC devices wherever and whenever you need it.

What you will learn

This course covers:

  • How to provide a Suitable Environment for your Dog to Live in
  • How to Provide a Suitable Diet for Your dog
  • How to Provide for Your Dog’s Natural Needs
  • How to Provide the Right Companionship for Your dog
  • How to Keep Your dog Healthy and Protect Them From Pain, Suffering, Injury and Disease
  • Understanding the Animal Welfare Act 2006 Quiz

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Who is it for?

This course is ideal for anyone who loves, owns or works with dogs including:

  • Dog boarder
  • Dog day carer
  • Dog walker
  • Dog trainer/behaviourist
  • Dog groomer
  • Pet sitter
  • Students

You do not need any prior knowledge or qualifications to study this course

Course curriculum, units, modules and what this course covers

Introduction to the Code

Owning and caring for a dog can be a great joy but it’s also a huge responsibility.

Dogs live for around 12 years on average but some may live longer.

You should think carefully about all factors that will affect your ability to care for a dog and also whether a dog is suitable for you. Would you be able to provide for all of a dog’s needs?

How to provide a suitable environment for your dog to live in

Whether the dog lives inside or outside your house, it still needs a safe environment to live in and also protection from hazards.

How to provide a suitable diet for your dog

An individual dog’s nutritional needs depend on their age, sex, activity, the type of food they eat, their state of health and whether they have been neutered.

Some dogs, for example those that are pregnant or nursing puppies, have special dietary needs…

How to provide for your dog’s natural needs

The way a dog behaves is individual and depends on their age, breed or type, rearing, breeding, and past experiences. However, most dogs are sociable, playful animals and they enjoy playing together with toys, people and other dogs.

How to provide the right companionship for your dog

Dogs are sociable animals that need, enjoy and value company. Consequently, many dogs do not like being left on their own and may suffer if they are left without any company, or with nothing to do for long periods of time.

How to keep your dog healthy and protect them from pain, suffering, injury and disease

Dogs do feel pain and have similar pain thresholds to people. However, individual dogs and different breeds or types may show pain and suffering in different ways.


Code of Practice for the Welfare of Dogs quiz

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