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The Dog Business School Content Quality Statement. Our promise to you.

Defra are the relevant Government department in England, responsible for Animal Welfare including canine care. Ofqual regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments in England and is answerable to Parliament.

Defra stipulate that licensed organisations providing pet care services eg boarders, day care operators and breeders must be compliant with the Animal Welfare Regulations 2018, part of which require licensed operators and key staff to be in possession of relevant Ofqual Level 2/3 qualifications or demonstrate equivalent knowledge and experience.

Open College Network West Midlands is an Ofqual-regulated national awarding organisation who in turn appoint the Dog Business School as a Recognised Centre (Centre number: 61391) to provide approved Ofqual regulated and Open College Network accredited courses.

As part of our commitment to excellence, the Dog Business School closely follows key developments impacting canines and related businesses around the world. Through strategic partnerships we actively engage with trade bodies and online community forums such as Dog Care Professionals UK and the Association of Dog Boarders with the aim to help enrich all concerned.

The Dog Business School aims to deliver a robust theoretical and practical knowledge exchange with its ‘students’ and in so doing, to create a positive experience that is professional, fun and rewarding.

The Dog Business School will achieve this by adopting best practice and implementing a management system that complies with the international standard of good practice BS EN ISO 9001. It also includes a commitment to meet the requirements of our clients, learning from customer feedback, as well as meeting legal and regulatory requirements.

We are committed to continuous improvement and refinement of our learning experiences, helping to ensure they remain effective and relevant to our students.

We will provide transparent statements to assist a potential learner in identifying and selecting regulated, accredited or non-accredited courses. We believe such statements are important to remove ambiguity and to enable ‘the learner’ to make informed decisions on course selection. Wherever possible, we provide a blended learning experience for our ‘learners’ and always welcome questions from potential ‘students’ on the course content and assessment criteria for each course.

Only by providing an outstanding service and product quality will we achieve our aims of learner satisfaction, long term success and sustained improvements.

All personnel within the Dog Business School are responsible for the quality of their work. The company has established systems to assist all personnel to achieve the standards required. While we endeavour to produce work and offer a service that we can be proud of, we have to recognise that sometimes we may fall short of our own expectations. When a customer makes a complaint, we are committed to investigating the complaint and will do our best to put right such justified complaint.

The policy, organisation and procedures necessary to achieve the required standards are integral to our Quality Management System. The Quality Manager is responsible for monitoring the quality system and reports regularly to our oversight stakeholders (IQA, EQA and leadership) on the system’s implementation, status, effectiveness and the learner’s overall experience.

The objectives of the Dog Business School are set out in our Business Plan. Objectives for individual roles are to deliver satisfaction to the client (‘the learner’) in accordance with the regulations and standards as prescribed by relevant stakeholders.

Our commitment, and therefore our promise, is to help you be a more knowledgeable, better informed and confident professional. If we fall short, tell us. If we succeed, please tell your friends. Thank you.

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Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA)

Defra are the UK government department responsible for safeguarding the natural environment, supporting our world-leading food and farming industry, and sustaining a thriving rural economy. Their broad remit means they play a major role in people’s day-to-day life, from the food we eat, and the air we breathe, to the water we drink. 

They are supported by 33 agencies and public bodies.

 Defra is the Government body responsible for animal health and welfare, including companion animals like canines.

Open College Network – West Midlands

Open College Network West Midlands is an Ofqual-regulated national awarding organisation. They are authorised to develop and award nationally recognised Open College Network West Midlands qualifications.

In addition, Open College Network West Midlands offers Customised Accreditation units, working with Centres to develop bespoke units of assessment to meet the needs of their learners.

Open College Network West Midlands is also licensed by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) to award Access to Higher Education Diplomas.

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The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (OFQUAL)

The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments in England.

 Ofqual recognises awarding organisations and only recognised awarding organisations can offer regulated qualifications. In this way Ofqual makes sure only those organisations that have the appropriate resources, capability and expertise can award regulated qualifications

To find a regulated qualification, search the Register of Regulated Qualifications to find out if a qualification is regulated (officially recognised); and what level it is on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). Search here

Dog Care Professionals UK

The purpose of Dog Care Professionals UK is:

 To promote the benefits of responsible and professional dog care, and the adoption of best practice; to protect the welfare of dogs and by inference the interests of members and the broader community through responsible representation to Government, to regulatory and licensing organisations and to other representative organisations as well as to members of the public; and to educate stakeholders, pet owners and aspiring pet owners further is the welfare of pets.

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The Association of Dog Boarders

The Association of Dog Boarders was formed in 2019 as a not for profit, industry specific organisation. It is run by a team who are all licensed dog boarders or day care owners and looks to support their members thorough experience and knowledge. They are a limited by guarantee company.